São Paulo - Brazil

Hi, I'm davi.

An experience, curious, and versatile
digital product designer

I collaborated with clients like XP Investment, Xp business, Arkki, Private, etc

Latest Cases

Here you will see a collection of my last works, some of these works were carried out together with my team using programs like Figma, Miro, Userflow and Azure.

Hello! I’m David Silva aka Davi.
A product designer currently available to create new products or improve existing ones.

My design philosophy revolves around putting the user at the center of everything I do.

I believe that a product must be intuitive, easy to use, and visually appealing to create a meaningful and lasting impact. I work closely with cross-functional teams to ensure that my designs are feasible, cost-effective, and align with the brand's vision.

How do I build my work process


Research and Analysis

The first step is to understand the problem that the product is intended to solve. This involves researching the needs and behaviors of potential users, studying the competition, and identifying any relevant market trends or technologies.
And then I analyze this information to identify opportunities and constraints for the product.


Concept Development

Once the research and analysis is completed,
I start to developing concepts for the product. This involves brainstorming and sketching out various ideas, considering factors such as user needs, technical feasibility, and business goals. These concepts will be refined and iterated upon until a final design direction is chosen.



With the design direction chosen, I create a prototype of the product. This may involve creating physical prototypes, digital mockups, or both. The goal of prototyping is to test and refine the design, identify any issues, and get feedback from potential users.


Testing and Validation

Once the prototype is complete, I conduct user testing to validate the design. This involves gathering feedback from potential users and making any necessary changes to the design to improve usability and user satisfaction.


Production and Launch

After the design has been validated, I prepare the handoff. This involves creating detailed specifications to ensure that the final product meets the design requirements. Finally, when the product is launched into the market, I continue to monitor its performance and gather feedback for future improvements.

Experiences & Tools


Design System & OPS

Design Thinking


Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Illustrator

Scrum methodologies

Product Designer

XP Investimentos

June 2019 – March 2023

Creative Designer

Startup Carupi

June 2018 – May 2019

UI/UX Designer

Mói Studio

August 2016 – June 2018

Sprint Master

Service Design Sprints

April 2014 – July 2016

Graphic Designer

Agência Pomar

2013 – 2014